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Dalmation Toadflax - 360º Interactive Panorama                    

Paul Brusven, Coordinator of the Nez Perce Biocontrol Center, near Lapwai Idaho is in the middle of a Yellow Dalmation Toadflax Garden that was started about 3 years ago.

Among other things, at the center they like to focus on some of the new biocontrol agents that are released in the United States. They try to get agents that will attack weeds that are common in the Western United States, focusing primarily on Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington and some parts of California. Marvin Hanks the biologist for the Biocontrol Center is also standing in the garden and provides details about the biocontrol agent in one of the hot spot video sequences.

Note that there are several video "hot spots" available which provide a lot more detailed information.

Panorama and video taken Spring, 2004

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